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A perfect house is somewhere you can be yourself and a safe haven for you to go to after a long exhausting day of your regular life. So it is important that the house you have is something that satisfies your needs and you are completely comfortable for your body and soul. South Carolina Builders have been in the home building and renovation field for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to work with different types of home building requirements. Over the years as the requirements for modern homes changed we have been able to grow along with them.

South Carolina Builders have been awarded the BOH award twice for 2017 and 2019 and have been an active member of the builders around Greenville, SC and the surrounding as custom home builders. From renovating your homes to building new custom homes, we can do any type of services related to home building for you.

Before we get into telling you how we can work for you in building a custom home, we will discuss some important things you need to know about custom built homes.


The first and foremost thing you need to take into consideration is your budget. The last thing you want to see is that your house is half built because the money was not enough. So before you start building a custom home, you need to make sure that you consult with a professional home builder and sort out the budget and see if it would be enough or not to complete the house you are imagining to live in. Normally building a standard custom home can cost ranging from $300K to $500K so you should make sure you have your budget figured out. With South Carolina Builders you can get custom built homes under 100K or we can discuss it over and come with a custom package for you.

Energy Efficiency

At the present days it is vital that you make sure anything you own is energy efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. The best example would be using solar panels for water heating or generating electricity, in order to save that extra cost on your electricity bills you would be spending on your cooling system, you should design your house in such a way that the laundry room, bathrooms or the garage be placed in the south side of your home. You should always be smart when it’s about making decisions when you choose your HVAC system. You should always select Energy Star-rated appliances, low-flow faucets, and water-saving toilets.

Coming to the types of custom homes we build then we do different types of custom homes namely Small Custom Homes, Luxury Custom Homes and Modern Custom Homes. Now the word custom itself can tell you that we can build any type of house according to your needs and requirements.

The areas we serve are Five Forks, Fountain Inn, Greenville, Greer, Mauldin, Piedmont, Powdersville, Simpsonville, Taylors, Travelers Rest, Wade Hampton in South Carolina. So if you are willing to give it a shot in building a custom home then you can CONTACT US with any queries or confusion you have and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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