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Farmhouses are said to have originated in the Europe area in the 18th century. They were originally built on farm lands mostly using logs and stones for people who owned the farm or worked there. Farmhouses are the most popular in the southern areas of the USA that includes the cities of South Carolina as it is said to have been first built on these areas in the USA.

In the modern days we have the technology with which we can customize anything and customization of things along with the houses we live on have taken the world by storm. South Carolina Builders, are fully licensed and insured home builders in the Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas. Amongst the many services we provide, a custom built farmhouse is also something we specialize in.

Custom farm houses have evolved in a lot of ways but there are still things that have still managed to remain the same. Let see the basic and mostly used features of a modern custom farmhouse by different builders.

    1. Hardwood Floor: Amongst all the things that have changed, the flooring style of a modern farm house has remained the same. Hardwood floors are iconic when it comes to a farm house and have been used since the first farmhouse was built.
    2. Front Porch: A farmhouse without a front porch is incomplete. They are usually wooden with stone pillars or completely wooden. A front porch signifies a welcoming gesture to your guests or visitors and is also a very good space in your house to sit around when you have nice weather during the day or the night.
    3. A spacious kitchen: Farmhouses have always featured a spacious kitchen in them since the beginning and it still continues today. A modern custom farmhouse has a spacious kitchen so that you can cook comfortably. It also features a large kitchen island, a classic sink and tall pantry cabinets for storing kitchen items.
    4. Sloping style smart roof: Sloping style roofs have always been the to go roof for farmhouses. Nowadays the roof is accompanied by solar panels so that the whole house becomes an energy efficient house, hence the name sloping style smart roof.
    5. Mudroom: A mudroom is a compulsory feature of a farmhouse where you go to remove all the mud or dirt you have with you. For example if you want to remove your dirty shoes or slippers, or keep your wet umbrella, or any other wet or dirty thing that you don’t want around the main area of the house go into the mud room. It comes under one of the classic features of a farmhouse.

As mentioned above the word custom means that you can always interpret your ideas when it comes to the features on the farm house you would like to get. South Carolina Builders have been in this business for the past 25 years and will not slack off in any way when it comes to building you your dream custom farmhouse.
So CALL US TODAY and get your queries answered by our experienced home building professionals at South Carolina Builders.

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