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Green Building is a major type of modern building that has been designed to tackle the increasing crisis of climate change and environmental degradation. When someone says green building the basic instinct would be that you will think it is a building that is colored green which in a way is correct but when we look into the modern technical term then it means that the house is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Talking about green construction, South Carolina Builders have been helping the people of Greenville, SC and the surrounding area get their dream homes for the past 25 years now. We are fully licensed and insured home builders that have also been trusted and the best green home builders in town. Green builders specifically focus on making sure that every part of your house that can be worked on to become an energy efficient area.

Let’s look into the features of a proper green home design. Given below are a few important features that should be included if you are constructing a green building.

    1. The first and foremost thing that comes into play is the designing and checking the site where the green building is going to be manufactured. For example, making the windows in such a direction that it is easier for it to pass through the house with the help of which you are utilizing the green energy to cool your house.
    2. An important feature is that a green building always focuses on controlling the budget. So, when constructing a green building the builders always opt for sustainable building materials.
    3. The soul feature of a green building is that they are built with every type of eco-friendly and energy efficient technology that you can find. From solar panels to designing the building strategically so as to not waste any green energy, a green building has it all. The main purpose of a green building is to make sure that green energy is utilized to the maximum level so that the building does not have an adverse effect on the environment.

The three R’s are an important factor when it comes to any activity you do to help in improving the environment. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce is something you should always consider in times like this. According to research, it is said that you can reuse about 70% of the construction waste which will also be helping you save the cost of the overall construction cost. So when you are constructing a green building, the three R’s always come into play.

Discussed above are the few basic features you will find in a green building and at looking at the time we are not green building initiative should be taken up by everyone so that we can keep the planet healthy.

South Carolina Builders can help you in constructing a green residential building for you if you are planning to get one. We have highly experienced and skilled staff for building your eco buildings. So you can CALL US TODAY, so that we can let you know what we have in store for your next green building.

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