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Decks and Rails in a house have come to become an important factor that are of a modern home. South Carolina Builders are fully licensed and insured home builders and we can help you sort out your decks and railing options for your house. We specialize in deck railing and have been one of the best service providers when it comes to installing deck railings in your house in Greenville, SC and its surrounding areas.

Before you go ahead and install a deck railing in your house here are a few things you need to know about decks and rails.

Decks are generally an extension of your house which in simple terms looks like a stage built in front of your house above the ground and attached to the main building. The main purpose of a deck is to increase your living space and can also be used for gardening or making it into an outdoor seating area as per your imaginations. Now when we talk about rails, they are
protective wooden or metal boundaries that are used around the deck of the house, stairways, balconies or any part of a house that has an opening or where you have a risk of falling from.

Decks and rails always come in pairs as there will always be need for each other in a house. We can provide almost every type of deck railing services that are there. The most used materials for decks are obviously wood and when it comes to the railings it is usually aluminum with steel or stainless steel and wrought iron and cast iron also amongst the mostly used ones. We specialize in building deck railings and will make it according to the materials you want us to use. The types of deck railing we can provide you are

  • Metal deck railing
  • Vinyl Railing
  • Aluminum Deck Railing
  • Wood Deck Railing
  • Wire Deck Railing
  • Steel Cable Deck Railing
  • Black Cable Railing
  • Glass Deck Railing
  • Iron Deck Railing
  • Welded Wire Deck Railing
  • Vertical Cable Railing

and any other custom railings you want we have you covered. Railing can be done in different areas of your home but are mostly done in the outer parts of your house. When it comes to railing to the outer parts of you house we do:

  • Trex Railing
  • Fiberon Railing
  • Wood Porch Railing
  • Aluminum Porch Railing
  • Horizontal Deck Railing
  • Deck Stair Railing
  • Exterior Wood Railing
  • Horizontal Wood Railing
  • Composite Deck Railing
  • White Deck Railing

and again the railing can be customized according to what you wish for as we always welcome new ideas.

If you look into the houses these days then they have all been modernized in a lot of ways and so have the decks. The modern deck railings consist of various features and are of different types or also have a deck without railing as well. An important part of a deck railing are the deck handrails and when it comes to the handrails we can provide you with:

  • Deck Stair Handrail
  • Front Porch Handrail
  • Wood Deck Handrail
  • Outdoor Deck Handrails

and in addition we also provide outdoor railings for steps, metal handrails for decks and decking fences for you house.

All in all South Carolina Builders can be your one stop for any kind of building, repair or renovation work you need for or in your house. We have highly trained and experienced engineers and craftsmen who will make sure your house is beautiful inside out and will leave no room for negative feedback as always. So Call Us Today and let us help you explore your options for the Decks & Rails for your beautiful home.

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