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Duncan is a beautiful town located in the Spartanburg county of South Carolina. It is a suburban area and has a rich history of being a railroad town during the time of post civil war. The public schools of Duncan have very high ratings so the education system is good for students. Majority of the residents seem to rent their houses and the major industries that employ the people of the town are manufacturing and retail trade industries. The town has almost everything available for the residents living there that a mainstream city in the United States would have.

Duncan is said to be one of the best places to live in South Carolina. So living in Duncan would not be such a bad idea after all. You can be away from the noise of a big city while also not having to compromise on most of the facilities you would have in a city. Having a house can be a good idea but it is also important to adapt with the changing times and build yourself a custom built home. In the present times custom home builders have been on a very high demand since modern custom homes have taken the market by storm.

Almost every house you can find nowadays are new custom homes and have a way of standing out among the old traditional houses. Building a custom home is always an exciting and interesting process as it is a process of converting a person’s imagination of an ideal home into reality. So if you are planning on building a custom home for yourself then the first thing you should do is get yourself a custom house building company that has the experience and knowledge to meet your expectations. Custom homes can vary according to the type of design it has and its size. The cost to build a custom home can also depend on it so you should always sort out your budget for a custom house first so that you would not have to stop mid way of the building process. Some of the budget friendly custom homes you can find are small custom homes and custom modular homes. However, they can be expensive too depending on the features you incorporate in them. Farmhouses have also been customized and made into Farmhouse custom homes that have the same look and feel of a traditional farmhouse but have the modern technology incorporated in it so give it a modern feel. Among the custom houses the most popular ones are the Green home buildings. This type of custom homes are specifically designed to reduce its effects on the environment that a normal house would usually have. Green custom homes are eco-friendly and energy efficient and are known to be built close to nature.

If you are looking for an affordable option for custom homes then South Carolina Builders are specialized in building custom built homes under $100K.. South Carolina Builders are the local home builders that offer you efficient home building services for you around the Duncan, South Carolina area. We have been a trusted local home builders in Duncan, CA and the surrounding area for over 25 years now. We give the best rates for custom houses in town. We are also luxury custom home builders if you want a luxury custom home and have the budget for it. Our other services include energy efficient home construction, home construction, home designs, construction management consulting, house construction drawing, and custom home floor plans.

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