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Greer is a fast growing city in South Carolina and is known to be amongst the safest places to live in the state. The economy of the city is very good and most of the people residing in Greer own their own homes. A house is said to be the greatest investment in a person’s life and when you are living in a city like Greer then you ought to have a house that is a head turner.

Building a custom home for you and your family can be the best decision you can take when you are living in a city like Greer. TAG Builders LLC are fully licensed and insured custom home builders in Greer, SC and the surrounding area. We have been building custom built homes for over 25 years and have collected a number of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and engineers. With the help of a professional team TAG Builders LLC have now been awarded the BOH award for the year 2017 and 2019.

We can work on building new custom homes or work on renovating or customizing your home according to your needs and requirements. Modern custom homes are something built with the help of experiences of the customer house builders along with the ideas of the home owners. So basically the home owners also have an important part to play in the process of building a custom home for themselves.

Custom homes come in different varieties these days and TAG Builders LLC can help you in energy efficient home construction, house construction, home plans, construction project management, building design and drawing, or floor plans for home depending on your decisions. Let’s talk about the types of custom homes we build.

  1. We specialize in building special types of custom built homes under $100k which are generally small custom homes.
  2. We also specialize in building luxury custom homes that are surely expensive but can be real stand out in the crowd of average homes. We are amongst the best luxury custom home builders in Greer, SC and the surrounding area if you are looking to invest in it.
  3. We can build custom modular homes that can be a economical option. If you do not know then custom modular homes are the types of houses that are built in factories or in simple terms they are ready made homes.
  4. One of the best types of modern homes we build are Green Home Buildings that are exactly like how they sound. Green homes are built to make sure that the house has minimum effects on nature like a normal house generally would. This type of house is made with every type of eco-friendly and energy efficient technology available which also plays an important part in your custom house in the future in cutting cost in your overall monthly expenses as you will be using renewable energy to operate electrical appliances, heating or cooling needs.
  5. Lastly we specialize in building farmhouse custom homes. A farmhouse is generally a home you build in a rural area and have been around since the mid 17th century. As time passed farmhouses have evolved with time. TAG Builders LLC can come up with the comfortable and best farmhouse you can imagine about with all the signature features of a farmhouse like wooden flooring, a farmhouse sink and spacious sink and all other features including modern technology and add on features you will want to integrate in the farmhouse.

With 25 years of experience around Greer, SC, the luxury custom home builders of TAG Builders LLC ensures you reliable custom home building services. TAG Builders LLC can be there to consult with you regarding any questions or queries you have regarding a custom home. So CALL US TODAY and get all your confusions about a custom home cleared out with our custom home building experts.

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TAG Builders LLC is a custom home building company that provides you with the best decks and pergola contractors around the Greer, South Carolina area.

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