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Travelers Rest is a mid sized city located in the northwest region of South Carolina. It has a suburban feel. The city gets its unique name, since it is located near the border with the North Carolina mountains where the travellers going into the mountains would rest for some time before their journey. The city is one of the best places to live in South Carolina with the residents owning their own homes. The education system of Travelers Rest is considered to be very good for the young students looking to build a strong future. The city mostly offers outdoor activities for the residents or the tourists. You can go to visit the Beechwood Farms, Cherokee Valley Golf Club, Copperhead Mountain Distillery or go to Sun rift Adventures if you are looking to have some fun.

If you are planning to move into Travelers Rest and get yourself a house then building a custom home for you and your family can be one of the best decisions you could make. Custom built homes have a certain elegance about them, that makes you stand out in the crowd of average regular homes. New custom homes have taken the market by storm as the designs they have are timeless and are designed according to the imaginations and ideas of the homeowners and experiences of the engineer building the custom home for you. Custom homes come in different varieties depending on your needs and requirements. From small custom homes to luxury custom homes the design and variety of custom built houses have come a long way. Due to the technological advancements you can also find custom modular homes these days that are not built on site like regular homes but are homes built in factories and placed on a plot of land. Custom home builders have also very much advanced in their home building techniques and technologies. The most stand out type of custom home you can find these days are Green Home Buildings. This type of custom home is made with the most energy efficient building materials, so that they do not aid in anything that would have an adverse effect on the environment. Hence, green homes are built with eco-friendly building materials and designed to cut down all types of environmental degradation a normal house would cause. Another type of modern custom home we can find are the Farmhouse custom homes. Farmhouses have been a major part of the history of houses, as they have a certain ambience of homely feeling in them. Custom Farm Houses are built to give you the same emotions and homely feeling with modern technologies incorporated in them. So they have come to become a mixture of the modern houses while giving you the homely feelings of the 90’s and beyond. Further, South Carolina Builders is involved in the energy efficient home construction, new house construction, simple modern house design, building project management, construction site drawing, and flooring installation

Having a custom home does sound very interesting but you must always make sure you have the right budget and preparation to build a custom home. South Carolina Builders are fully licensed and insured custom home builders serving Travelers Rest and the surrounding area with over 25 years of experience. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled custom home builders who will get your work done with precision and quickly. We specialize in building custom built homes under $100K and can also give you the best rates for custom homes of your choice. If you are around Travelers Rest, SC looking for skilled house builders , then South Carolina Builders are the experienced builders you can rely on.

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